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LABEX Mer - Thematic schools

Join us for a joint scientific 

  • Symposium, in tribute to Jean Francheteau, 
  • and Summer School 
both focused on 

Geodynamic processes and biochemical interactions at seafloor spreading ridges.

Graduate (Master 2), doctoral, post-doctoral and research scientists interested in seafloor spreading processes and their interactions with the ocean and the biosphere are all welcome to attend to these scientific events.

Download the GEOCEAN first circular (PDF).


NEW Download the PROGRAM  (PDF; updated  August 22, 2012)

The Symposium will be a tribute to Jean Francheteau, Professor at the University of Brest and deceased in July 2010, who was a privileged witness and actor in the elaboration of the theory of plate tectonics and in the exploration of the mid-oceanic ridge system. The objective of the Symposium is to review, in a historical perspective, the state of the art in some research areas pioneered by Jean Francheteau.

The SYMPOSIUM is open to anyone, upon free registration, and to oral and poster presentations:

  • Abstract submittals are due for May 31st, 2012. Extended to July 15, 2012
  • Registration to the Symposium is due for May 31st, 2012Extended to August 22, 2012


The Summer School is intended to provide participants with an overview of knowledge and challenges on our understanding of geodynamic processes and biochemical interactions at seafloor spreading ridges, particularly in view of some outstanding questions regarding mineral resources, global budget, the deep biosphere ...

The Summer School will include topical lectures and training sessions focused on geodynamical and petro-geochemical processes at seafloor spreading centers and ridge-flanks, fluid-rock interactions, and geochemistry of seafloor hydrothermal systems, in situ observation of physical, geochemical and biological processes at the seafloor, and geobiological interactions, ecosystems and microbial diversity.

The number of participants to the SUMMER SCHOOL will be restricted, due to space limitations. Support funding is available for students on a limited basis (fill the appropriate items in the registration form). Poster presentations are welcome.

  • Registrations to the Summer School are due for May 31st, 2012Extended until all positions are filled
  • A registration fee of 360 Euro applies and includes lodging and lunches for the 5 days. DEADLINE FOR PAYMENT : 25, July 2012.


The European Institute for Marine Studies (IUEM) of the University of Brest.

The Symposium will be held at the European Institute for Marine Studies (IUEM) of the University of Brest.
The Summer School will be hosted for two days at the Institute and one day at the Ifremer Center in Brittany.

Both the Institute and Ifremer Center are located in Plouzané, in the outskirts of Brest. Access and directions are given in the Practical Information page.


See Symposium and Summer School description pages [left menu].

Download the GEOCEAN first circular (PDF).

Information on these events are also posted on the Labex webpage



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